Migration from a circuit switch platform to an all-IP environment on IMS


Telecom Namibia

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The brief

Telecom Namibia Limited is the national telecommunications operator, established in August 1992 and is functioning as a commercialised company and as a subsidiary of its parent company, Namibia Post and Telecom Holdings Limited.

The background

Telecom Namibia is serving more than 190,665 customers, with 1,223 employees and annual revenue of more than N$ 1, 4 Billion. Telecom Namibia is a customer driven company that change telecommunication products and services to the demand of its customers. Today customers want fast, reliable and advance services and Telecom Namibia is there to make that possible. Telecom Namibia runs the largest Digital Telecommunication Network in Namibia.

The problem

Because of its many customers, the company intends to implement an IP Multi-Media Sub System (IMS) in order to be able to deliver media rich content to its customers. Various access technologies must be migrated to this core platform in parallel to its legacy circuit switch platform. This should ultimately deliver an all-IP network for Telecom Namibia.